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What do you get when you fuse together band members from Prince's New Power Generation, Scissor Sisters, and Bright, Light, Bright Light? Well, you're going to get the all kinds of amazing electric eclectic collective known as Slow Knights, that's what.

Since Scissor Sisters severed ties back in 2012, member Del Marquis has culled together a talented band of singers, songwriters, and musicians --- Rod Thomas, Xavier Smith, Chrissi Poland, and Bridget Barkan --- to form the sonically ambitious sextet, and together they have created a stylish n' funky cocktail of latticed n' layered sounds that follow and flip the script on old school R&B and '80s New Wave. Their 2013 debut, Cosmos is warranted proof of the band's ability to climb out of today's sound pocket but still sound so freshly inventive. You might have heard snatches of such day-glo era decadence when you lend ear to the mood swing of "Signs Of Life" and the New Jack serenade, "Sweet Harmony", but twisted up in new wardrobes they are, as Slow Knights' material perches side-by-side with other modern retro acts like Sam Sparro and DivaGeek.

While Cosmos has that obvious '80s gloss to it, Slow Knights have already switched into a new lane as they revel in a '90s kinda world for their latest single, "Just Kiss", which courts an R&B girl group bounce that is pretty damn delectable as it reaches back into its nostalgic corners and adds itself to my pending summer playlist.

The possibilities are truly endless for this crew, and there is more of them to come as they'll shine new light on retro ways when their follow-up Living In A Dark World, illuminates April 26th. Just have the shades ready, because it's going to be bright!

H/T: Idolator

Slow Knights
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