Audio: Ameriie Returns To Form With Rich Harrison On 'Out Loud'

Break out the smelling salts and brace yourselves for the fainting spells as after a creative break-up of unknown origins, Amerie with two "i"'s has reunited with her former sound curator, Rich Harrison. Yes, you read right. Ameriie and Harrison have joined forces once again as they bring us some trappy percussive heat with "Out Loud", hoping to re-create some of that "1 Thing" magic from ten years ago.

Do they succeed? Yay and nay.

We need to note that Ameriie and Harrison aren't in the same creative slots they were back when Ameriie released her debut All I Have in 2002. Adding an extra "i" to your name changes people. I should know. I went by "Jenniifer" once and people assumed I was an overly excited mommy blogger who did scrapbooking crafts and made snickerdoodle cake balls in my spare time. It was not a good week, lemme tell you...

In Ameriie's case, her works (the most recent drops being "Mustang" and the go-go flaunt of "What I Want") after her musical departure from Harrison --- while fun and ambitious ---- still didn't possess that same spunk, this possibly due to a lost of momentum after 2007's brilliant Because I Love It was stupidly shelved and mishandled. Harrison too has also shifted musical focus as his most recent creative credit, the now-defunct girl group, RichGirl, was more Beyonce than I think was intended...still, ten years of experimenting without each other is going lend to some artistic friction in their joint rekindling.

There's no denying that Ameriie is more at home with Harrison on production, as for "Out Loud" she slips back into Harrison's signature spiked cocktail of brash vocals and thickets of unrecognizable samples and zany percussive beats, and it is something you can feel. It's also obvious they are getting back in sync with each other as "Out Loud" still feels like some kinks are being ironed out between the two of them with the track whizzing dangerously close to "1 Thing" territory.

Still, "Out Loud" isn't "1 Thing", and really, it shouldn't be (it should really be "I Just Died" or "Why Don't We Fall In Love", but I'll give it a rest...). It is, though, the beginning of something and that is what we should be excited for, and good news, you can get excited right now as Ameriie is planning on giving us a double dose of her trap funk as she's planning to release not not one, but two albums, BILI (a nod to Because I Love It) and Cymatika, Vol. 1. She also hinted that she might throw out a EP in-between those times, you know, just to keep us on our toes.

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