Audio: Missed You Much, Deborah Cox

A multitude of questions raced in my mind while watching Lifetime's Whitney biopic back in January. In brevity: 1) Why was Bobby Brown painted as a patron saint instead of a patron saint of liars? 2) How come YaYa DaCosta as Whitney changed wigs like someone changes their underwear, but she still managed to not have a sweaty upper lip while performing? And the biggie... 3) Why the hell haven't I thought of Deborah Cox in a beat minute?

It's unacceptable, this forgetting. Cox's voice has been laced in my childhood ---"Sentimental", "Who Do U Love", "Up & Down", "We Can't Be Friends"  --- they were all spun in the Discman at one time or another. Oh, and how could I forget about "Nobody Is Supposed To Be Here"? That was THE "And I'm Telling You" for '90s kids to croon into their hairbrushes to, and I'm proud to say I was one of those kids. So yes, consider my heart glowing when I was reminded of how Cox can vocally slay, and how nobody else but her could emulate the tone and style of someone as recognizable and iconic as 'The Voice' and not make me cranky about it.

A week after the film's premiere, Cox smartly dropped a brand new single called "Kinda Miss You", and The Rascals-produced number plays into the club/dance terrain she knows how to navigate as it fuses together saucy R&B and hi-NRG dance, all sealed with Cox's searing sharp vocals. If you're into this like I, you'll be throwing down some cash when Cox releases her sixth album, Work Of Art, this summer because it sounds like Ms. Cox has got yet another heater on her hands.

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