Audio: Denitia & Sene Keep Cool With 'The Fan'

As someone who cannot get a wink of shut-eye unless my Sunbeam bedside fan is on full blast, when I laid ears on Denitia & Sene's latest single, for a blip moment, I thought they had actually dropped an ode to white noise and its benefits, but Wishful thinking aside, "The Fan" is in reality an effortlessly cool ode to love that plays up the Brooklyn duo's penchant for electro-shocked soul and brisk lyricism.

"The Fan" is also the formal introduction to the twosome's upcoming Side FX EP (out March 23rd) which will be their fullest project since their 2013 debut, His and Hers. Even though the weather outside is still quite frightful, I'm going to crank up my fan and get caught up in the billowing basslines and sleet-like synths of this gem, anxious for what these two will unveil next.

H/T: i-D Magazine 
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