Audio: Become Acquainted With Emily King's 'Good Friend'

Though Emily King doesn't drop music as much as one would wish, it's always a special treat whenever she does. It's why I will forever rock with her because she knows that being slow and steady often wins the race. Ever since her 2008 debut, East Side Story, it's telling that she takes the time to nurture and fine-tune her sound as she drops exquisite soul sound after exquisite soul sound, the last being the aural and visual beauty of  "Distance".

King returns today with "Good Friend", a track she has given stage time to when she was on the Little Black Dress Tour with another favorite of mine, Sara Bareilles last year. Now King has released the studio version and it is yet another winner in her cannon of songs as she celebrates the joys of friendships that lift burdens and sorrows while in turn bring out the best in us all. To top it (aside from the free download!), a great electric guitar solo comes in at the song's peak, giving this soul song a nice funk-rock edge.

At the moment there isn't any news on whether King is (finally) going to issue a full-length or short-length follow-up to 2011's The Seven EP, but you know I'll wait...impatiently patiently for whatever sound adventure Ms. King chooses to go on next.
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