Audio: Shura Is '2Shy'

In the age of social media, the idea of being a wallflower has sort of wilted. Day in and day out we've become accustomed to sharing almost every singular detail about our lives to complete and total strangers, and shy some of us are not. Still, we often forget that we find this courage behind the screens of electronic devices, and to stray away from those things has us oddly socially inept when it comes to living life unplugged. I know I'm not always the eloquent raconteur you see before you (shock! awe!), as I too stumble over words, especially when it comes to expressing my feelings about someone I want to get to know a little better.

Shura knows what I'm talking about, as her latest "2Shy", is the perfect ode for all the bashful ones out there who just wanna be in love gawd dammit, and yet, struggle to drum up the proper words in order to take things to the next step #storyofmylife. Shura has done well slipping nicely into the new wave fold of rhythm n' synth-pop with previous cuts like "Touch" and "Just Once", but on this fresh slice, the London-based singer/songwriter has exceeded her two previous breakout singles.

Light on its feet but heavy on the emotion, "2Shy" coasts on a twinkling bed of '80s synths as Shura attempts to strike up the nerve and peel her delicate petals off the wall, easing out some Janet Jackson-styled coos that recall the time when Miss Jackson was  "so in love" as she thought of that special someone. From start to finish, it is some pure soulful fragility as it curls and recoils itself, and I can't help nodding along to how much truth spills out of each and every lyrical bar.

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