Audio + Video: Allow Carlitta Durand To 'Find A Way' To Your Heart

With collaborations on cuts by Foreign Exchange and Little Brother, and celebrated projects such as the Nostalgic Nights EP, North Carolina chanteuse Carlitta Durand is testing patience no more as her long-anticipated solo project, I'll Be Gorgeous When I Die (great title) arrives April 26th.

Last year, "Find A Way" made its way to my ears, calming a lot of the storm that engulfed me in those last few months, as Durand laced her soothing tone around a rustling warm breeze of soulful truth about the beauty of uncovering and delving deep into the heart and mind of a loved one. Visually, Napoleon Wright II directs a tale of where two single hearts wander around until the cosmic powers that be help bring them together. While Durand herself isn't featured, she's there in spirit, narrating the surprising, and often times, unexplainable ways that love comes to find us.  

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