Audio + Video: FKA twigs Pours Vogue Goodness Into 'Glass & Patron'

I guess I'm warming up to FKA twigs now.....

Indulging in her love for ballroom culture and her penchant for coloring way outside the lines and off of the paper, art house mama FKA twigs allows us to witness the birth of her very own vogue battle for her brand-new single, "Glass & Patron". Directed by twigs herself, "Glass & Patron" begins with the UK singer portraying 'Mother Earth', as she pulls out a rainbow colored chiffon from her lady bits, bearing a troupe of acrobatic dancing sprites who celebrate their birth by dropping fierce down a vogue-ready runway in a foggy enchanted forest.

While dabbing into the mainstream zeal of Madonna's "Vogue" homage, the visual crackles with newly appointed innovation as twigs herself brings the ball hard, taking sharp pretzel twist dips and working her hand gestures with fluid ease, and it's not with intent to co-op or cackle at the fascinatingly historic dance culture, but it's intent is much love and respect for the styles and people who 'werked' and continue to do so as well as the LGBTQ community who crafted it. It's also feminizing to the core, as the baby-haired banded beaut gleans towards the classic womb imagery of Kate Bush, while also cradling herself in the bosom of Bjork (who too also released a visual ode to her lady parts recently), being in full control of her "children" and the potential lover who's bewitched her as she provocatively commands: " hold that pose for me". 

Though I'm more enraptured by the video, the Boots-produced cut isn't a bad slice of spastic trip-hop, as dagger-like rhythms spike the vast and airy synth landscape, being structurally on-par with the classic ballroom sound as it fades in and out, allowing its patrons the perfect moments to show up and show out with dramatic flair. As it premiered during the 2015 YouTube Music Awards and is causing a stir via the interwebs, "Glass & Patron" is the perfect introduction to FKA twigs upcoming EP3 project, which will drop hot when it premieres later this year.

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