Audio + Video: Love Is Pain For Jill Scott

Aside from movies, magazine covers, and (disappointingly) defending Bill Cosby on Twitter, it's been some hot minutes since we've heard from Jill Scott on the musical front. Yet, when she joined Instagram this month, we've should've all known that something was brewing, and now, today, all is revealed as Scott is back to doing what she does best --- and that is telling the mutha fuggin' truth through song.

For the classic blues bellow of "You Don't Know" she is letting the mascara run and is stamping all over her roses and valentines, as she unravels a truth soaked lament about the complexities of love, preaching that if you haven't lost your pride, haven't had your tears fall like rain, or haven't gotten on your knees to pray, you know absolutely, positively nothin' about love, so don't even come to her with that childish rhetoric about love being the mushy marshmallow world of sunshine and rainbows. Love is rough, so so rough... *bites into a roll of cookie dough*

If the lyrical bed doesn't punch you in the gut, then witness Scott get raw during a mock recording session as she downs a drink and begins to channel the soul queens of yore in the song's official visual directed by Nzingha Stewart. The intimate set-up, which features guest appearances from friends Questlove and Aaron Camper, has Scott in the somber spotlight disheveled hair and all, and we see every bit of distraught emotion play out on her face as she vocally slices n' dices.

Whoo wee. All of the feels.

No word on if "You Don't Know" will be Jilly from Philly's lead-off single for a brand new project, but I feel like I already answered my own question, because I've never known Scott to just drop a single and leave us abandoned for too long. So as far as this month-old tweet is concerned, Scott is going to be all about blue lights in basement balladry in the coming months and yes, I'm totally here for it.

You can purchase "You Don't Know" via iTunes.
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