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Welcome to Audio Diva 2.0!

If you've followed the link correctly, you have arrived at the brand-new Audio Diva spot! Sweet ain't it? Well, for those of you who are a little confused at what the heck is going on, let me clear up a few things....

Sometime last year I expressed that I wasn't sure if I was going to be blogging under the Audio Diva moniker anymore, and well, some of y'all freaked out about it. It was in that moment I realized that you like me, yeah, you really like me. So I did a lot of thinking, mulling over what to do with this webspace that grew wildly before my fingertips over the past six years, and I decided that closing it down completely at this time would be a mistake.

Though I'm in the process of pursuing other writing endeavors, I still wanted to have a place to come home to whenever I wanted to talk music. So I decided the best thing to do to in order to keep my interest piqued was to revamp the blog all over again --- starting literally from scratch --- with a new focus, a brand-new URL, and a brand-new attitude in tow.

Now don't panic, most of everything that you enjoyed about ye ole Audio Diva will be the same here as reviews will be written, throwbacks will be thrown, snark and shade will be distributed in healthy doses, and yes, even a list or two will pop up. I'm also the same ol' rambling Jen who worships at the music alter, but the difference is that I feel that I'm a better and wiser writer and blogger now to where I can pull together even better content that you guys will enjoy. I had a great three years writing at SoulBounce (holla to the SB Fam!) and I learned a bunch of things, but one of the best things that came from that tenure was gaining the confidence to write, and with that confidence I was able to find my own voice which I personally felt still wasn't strong enough. Now a little more strength is in this voice, and it's why I feel that reviving the blog will be even sweeter the second time around.

It may seem insane to begin again, even pointless, but the truth is that when I began Audio Diva back in 2008, I was a 22-year-old college sophomore who was often worried about impressing people, and who was quite unsure if journalism was what I really wanted to do with my life. Flash to now, I'm nearing my thirties (gasp!wail!panic!) and writing to me now is more than just throwing some words in a blank blog post hoping they'll stick --- it has become my life, my calling.

Writing has also become one of the truest ways that I can express and become aware of myself and my surroundings, and to venture deep into those feelings on a live blog is --- and to quote Grace Jones --- scary, but fun. Thus, I felt that it was wise to push the reset button, and cull together a new archive on a blog project that I hold near and dear to me, but that this time truly cruises in the direction that I want to go into. So really when you think about it, Audio Diva is just reinventing and reassembling herself like all good divas do, and trying a slightly different approach for its next album, erm...I mean, for the new year.

Audio Diva's past site will still be up and running just in case y'all get homesick or something, but I would prefer if you'd move forward with me, especially since the site is all gussied up thanks to the design by the lovely Eve of MangoBlogs! And please please please note that the URL for the Audio Diva site is now permanently: and the blog's (temporary) new e-mail address is now: So please please please update your links, feeds, e-mail lists, and bookmarkers so you can keep tabs on this site's going-ons. For further information about how to reach me, please visit the about and contact pages.

To end this novella, I would like to thank all of my loyal readers and followers for sticking with me through all the hills and valleys and dead silences, and I welcome the new readers as well, as I not only need the music, but I need all of you to help me successfully turn the page to a new chapter in the continuing adventures of Audio Diva! :-)

- Jen (Audio Diva)
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