Liner Notes: Ash Is Sweetly 'Perfect'

Too often we've been led down a black rose path to believe that music is much more interesting and intuitive when your gnawing at angst and going through multiple boxes of Kleenex. Yet one listen to Ash's Perfect EP will dispel the notion that we all should be rolling in the deep over love, as she beckons us to let a little sunshine in with a chilled-out collection that manages to wedge in new (and happier) conversations about love and all of its mechanics in just four-tracks.

Impossible! you say, but Ash puts her best smile on and pinpoints with precision matters of the fickle heart as even when she's "Lost" --- she's found --- gathering around a warm campfire of stadium anthem '80s synths, and snuggling into a echoing notion that love, no matter how bitter, will always be sweetly "worth it". Even when she's in the throes of a lover's spat, the Cleveland-bred singer and songwriter shows her sadness, but she wipes away her mascara tears to bounce to "Anyways", having the maturity to still love her significant other even when things slip and slide between them.

As one of Janelle MonĂ¡e's back-up singers, Ash embeds a similar quality of quirk and sass into her T Brown-produced sound, but when you subtract her from the Wondaland equation, Ash is of her own make. Inspired by the vocal stylings of Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, and Journey's Steve Perry, Ash doesn't let you be fooled by her froth, as "Dear Dream" is a morose New Wave glacier that coasts on hypnotic synths sounding as if Prince mated with the softer ballad-side of Patrice Rushen. And while the title track perkily skips about, when you learn of how Ash penned it as an ode to her late father, you'll hear why "Perfect" 'perfectly' closes the set as it lyrically outlines the ways we love and attempt to understand our parents as we grow older.

Perfect is available to purchase and download via iTunes, as well as ready to stream via Spotify.

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