Liner Notes: Purple Ferdinand Is Bound With Love

Purple Ferdinand had me at ukulele when her single, "Birds"  and its accompanying Dragonfly EP fluttered towards me last year. The UK singer, songwriter and tattoo enthusiast is back to courting the hopeless romantics and dreamers with her second EP, the mellow and intuitive Love Bound. Written during a 'dark and vulnerable' time, Purple Ferdinand --- real name Vanessa --- has crammed a whole lotta of feelings into four tracks, but you'll be captivated with each and every one as you sink into the nocturnal slow jams she's constructed, venturing deep into the fragile recesses of her mind as she attempts to restore herself and her heart.

It all begins with the gorgeous immersion of single, "In My Dreams" where Purple gets 'lost in the revelry and the make-believe' of her thoughts in order to find solace. Much like the precocious reindeer in the song's visual, she's looking at every corner, turning over every hidden feeling, exploring, even in dark places that one probably doesn't want to wander into.

"Loving The Hate" waltzes into a somber recap of love at its crumbling point, and as Purple wades through an inky pool of bell chimes and percussion she sparks a killer notion that sometimes in order to love again, we have to taste the sorrow even if it is a bitter flavor. Love Bound does dry its eyes when "Drawn To Your Light" blooms hopeful on a light rock steady vibe while "Through Your Eyes" hypnotically simmers in similar optimism, yet listen close and a twinge in her smoky sweet voice reveals how she's sounding now all the wiser about the pursuit of love and all of its complex components.

Love Bound is available for purchase and download via iTunes, as well as ready to stream via SoundCloud.

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