Liner Notes: Soulection Crown Sade's Love King

Hypnotic, seductive, and tranquil --- that is the Sade pedigree and anybody with some sort of working pulse knows that once you have a listen, that's is it, game over, cased are smitten, aroused, chilled out, or even combination of all three. Whatever the feeling you have, Sade has been the soundtrack to a lot of our lives and with a bevy of iconic cuts from "Smooth Operator" to "Solider Of Love" there is plenty to go around for centuries to come. If Sade Adu and crew weren't compelling enough, the folks at Soulection have seen to ramp up the Sade feels by 100+, as their latest collaboration is part tribute and part soul-stirring experience towards the smoky-voiced chanteuse.

To celebrate being boss on SoundCloud, the Los Angeles-based label has gathered together 12 of their artists to re-imagine a handful of Sade's classic cuts. Warning: You've never heard Sade like this before, so be prepared to hear starRo take "Like A Tattoo" to a natural celestial high, or hear Oshi craft "Hang On To Your Love" a plucky, hip-hop high-pitched affair, or Abojo make "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" even steamier than before.

The added bonus is that you don't have to flash the fancy dollars for this as the full collection is up on their website and SoudCloud for the low price of free. So all you have to do is uncork the wine and nestle back and let the Soulection collective do all the smooth operating.

H/T: SoulBounce
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