Video: Ciara Serves Up Revenge & Pirouettes For 'I Bet'

What are the correct ingredients for plotting the perfect revenge? If you follow the Ciara method then you'll have in your arsenal leg warmers, flowy tu-tu's, a high-rise leotard, lots (and lots) of wind machines, and a side-eyeing R&B ballad in the vein of "I Bet". Then, when you mix all these elements together, topping it off with some super gorgeous looks, you will have served one of the iciest dishes of revenge that visually allows you to have the last ha-ha.

Don't think it will work?

For a reference point, check Ciara's visual for "I Bet" where she gets her Misty Copeland on, and morphs into a jewelry box ballerina, pirouetting herself out of heartbreak and betrayal --- and looking absolutely stunning while doing so. It is one of the most graceful diss visuals I've ever seen and it urges me to step up my vengeance-seeking game...just that if I even attempt to do any moves Ciara rolls out in this vid, I need to call a chiropractor up because the last time I attempted to get low like Ciara I was a human pretzel of fail. No mas.

I've always enjoyed a Ciara song here and there, as her albums are patchy at best (minus 2006's The Evolution, which was loaded with bangers), but the Harmony Samuels-produced cut is Ms. Harris at her most vulnerable point yet, and it's an interesting turn for her, especially when she switches from tossing out honest hurt feelings to going full on ratchet, flaring out her claws for a few scathing jabs towards her ex-fiancee and baby daddy, Future, the best being: "You acting like you upgraded me/I upgraded you". Slice n' dice.

Still the visual is better than the song as Ciara never fails to disappoint when she pulls out those Janet Jackson-inspired moves and gives us all a lesson on how to serve up revenge in stylish form. I may be in the minority, but for this, I'm interested in what Ciara has in store for when her sixth album, Jackie, drops in May.

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