Video: Goapele Lends Beautiful Strength Towards Abused Women With 'Stronger Than Glass'

Written by Estelle, Goapele's crystalline ballad,"Stronger Than Glass", doesn't take the usual route as far as 'rising above adversity' tracks go.

As one of the standout numbers on Stronger Than Glass, its title track honestly admits that strength is not always found when you're putting on a tough exterior, but rather, when we are at our most fragile state. The San Franciscan songstress meant for the track to become an "urgent anthem for women and girls", who, like her, "often feel alone or breakable." She elaborated on the song's intention, beautifully stating:
"This song is for those times when we feel taken for granted. It's for those moments when we feel voiceless. It's for every female out there who fears she'll become a statistic. I want this song to remind us that we can break the silence that keeps us isolated. We must be our own champions. Especially now during women's history month, this song is for the 1 out of every 4, females in this nation who have been abused, or live daily under the threat of abuse."
Filmed around the gorgeous landscapes of Salton Sea, California, the video maps out Goapele's intent on an expansive scale, as we see her begin her journey by looking out from a paned window, isolated, and alone. Still alone, she beings to look within, trusting herself more, as she then 'breaks free' easing herself around the beautiful terrain. All of this is juxtaposed with interpretative dance scenes courtesy of dancer, Najah Miller, who adds to the narrative with her graceful moves.

This video truly shivers with a nice, and quiet beauty, and while I'm always wanting exciting and showy things to happen in music videos, this one is captivating in a different sort of way. And as we witness Goapele mend with dignity, it further proves that survival doesn't always have to start with us being at our fittest, but that in time, the heart can learn to love and to trust again.

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