Video: Jessie Ware Pops Open Delicious & Bubbly Surrealism For 'Champagne Kisses'

I'm a little surprised that Jessie Ware is pegging "Champagne Kisses" as her latest single off of the ethereal, Tough Love ....but who am I kidding? It was one of my favorite tracks off the album, and in my little opinion it deserves to get some kind of visual pampering, so there. I know, I know..."Cruel" and "Want Your Feeling" needed to be singles yesterday, but "Champagne Kisses" stands in classy high heels as Ware's voice to touch the heavens, and to find fault in that is crazy to me.

As panoramic as the song sounds with all the high falsettos and skyscraping synths, the video lays its head on a surrealistic pillow with random and color striking visuals from bleeding lipstick to Ware's head and elongated neck popping out of a hole for a pop art effect. There is some pot boiling plagiarism occurring towards the Christopher Sweeney-directed visual, as NY-based photographer, Asger Carlsen is calling foul via Instagram over some striking similarities between the video and his 2010 photo essay, Wrong. We'll play the homage card for now because in the wake of Ware having videos that were borderline comatose (sorry "Wildest Moments") "Champagne Kisses" is a nice switch-up as it gives Ware a better fleshed out visual all while it incorporates the song's desire to love beyond the abstract.

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