Video: Lady Gaga's 'Sound Of Music' Medley Was One Of My Favorite Things @ The 87th Academy Awards

The hills were alive with the sounds of Lady Gaga putting a killing on a Sound Of Music medley for the 87th Academy Awards, in honor of the 1965 Academy Award-winning musical's 50th anniversary. Though the immediate transition from Common and John Legend's Academy Award-winning, "Glory" was a wee bit strange, Gaga doe re mi did the thing, and gave us one of the finest performances of a pretty lackluster night, highlighting with "Climb E'vry Mountain", "Edelweiss", and "My Favorite Things". I mean, it's been a week, and I'm still thinking about it, especially with the icing topper of Queen Julie Andrews watching from the wings and later on coming out to give Gaga a warm hug and pronouncing her name with the most elegant of diction. I cry like Chris Pine.

Truly, I wasn't surprised. Since "Just Dance" I've known that Gaga could wail it out, and it's why I rock with her and was oh so glad she pulled it out on a grand stage like this to shut up naysayers. This performance reminded me of an interview that Gaga did with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier where she explained that the reason she began raiding Roisin Murphy's thrift pile was because when she was paying her dues as a piano bar performer people weren't paying attention to her or her voice, hence why we've seen her decked out in dresses that either emit blood or could be used to cater our next summer BBQ. Distractions they were in order to play the pop music game.

Like Nicki Minaj of recent, Gaga is shedding the masquerading gimmicks and starting to show the 'real' her, and thank goodness. After such a crash and burn with the highly uneven of 2013's ArtPop, and her putting the balm on by singing standards alongside Tony Bennett on last year's Cheek To Cheek, here's hoping Gaga will balance the weird with the vocal class, and bring us work of this caliber again because underneath all the baubles, gimmicks and Kermit the Frog heads there is a voice, and it's a potent one.

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