Video: Mariah Carey Sings Carpool Karaoke To Her Own Music; Remains A Glittery Treasure

So I guess this is James Corden's way of trying to lure me to watch his stint on The Late Late Show (because I miss Craig Ferguson, gawd dammit!), but he had national treasure (and my self-adopted crazycool aunt) Mariah Carey doing carpool karaoke to her own music, and well, he's getting a nice and shiny gold star for that.

Truly, Mariah driving around shoutgun singing to her own music should be a thing...always. A 24/7 channel or a Spotify podcast, I dunno, something. And for all the vocal mischief Carey's been in lately, it's a relief to see her just open her mouth and slay because *le sigh* I had a real tough time last year trying to explain that one particular piece of concert footage and that Christmas catastrophe to everyone who knows me, and I got tired of rattling off the obvious truth that Carey's evil twin Bianca had joined forces with Nick Cannon in order to vocally sabotage Carey. Cut wires, flat pitch poisons in her champagne...that sort of thing.

Oh, back to the video...I love it when Corden urges to her to sing and Carey tries to act coy, waving her gloved hand like, "Uh, no, darling, it's way too early in the morning for this...", and then when the music bubbles up she busts out singing the opening bars without blinking and without fault.

Never change, Mama Lamb, never change.

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