Video: Sidibe Beautifully Reps For The Sisterhood With 'See You Girl'

As previously stated, sisterhood declarations are truly a dime a dozen, thus it takes a little something extra for me to shout out "Girl Power!" and toss up a peace sign Mel B style. Cue Sidibe's "See You Girl", which breezed in delicate last year. While it uniquely steered away from the usual girl power ode as it was on the ballad side, it was still gloriously powerful, and definitely on the special side.

Featured on the Los Angeles singer/songwriter's wonderful EP Soul Siren, "See You Girl" is all about engaging in positive sisterhood vibes. Whether your dealing with a homie, lover, or a friend...or heck, even yourself, Sidibe has got you covered, because she knows that life is crappy and sometimes that one special friend or two is all you need to coast over life's perpetual speed bumps and potholes.

After our chat last year (which you can view on the blog's lovely interviews page), Sidibe reminded me to be on the lookout for the song's visual, and though I missed the official drop date back in February due to Audio Diva getting a much-needed make-over, I'm making up for lost time by sharing the vid right now.

As one can marvel at how gorgeous Sidibe looks in this monochromatic visual (and you should...the girl is killin' it!), true beauty rests in the gorgeous sentiments that she pours out of that honeyed tone and if you're not moved at video's end then I don't know how to help you. So take in the view, and take some time to think about and appreciate the special women in your life. *peace sign*

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