Audio: JoJo Divinely Intervenes With 'Far From Heaven'

As a long-time fan of JoJo's, I've learned to respect the power of patience.

After nearly a decade in a grueling legal battle with former label Blackground Records, the 24-year-old songstress announced early last year that she had finally severed ties with her label nemesis, and had happily inked a new deal with Atlantic Records, the possibility of her looooong awaited third album now coming back to fruition.

In the time of her tussles, she has graciously kept fans tied over by gifting a handful of independently released mixtapes and EPs (the most recent being last year's #LoveJo) proving that icky legal issues weren't going to slow her artistic roll down anytime soon. Carrying on still, JoJo has dropped the promising "Far From Heaven", a piano-driven ballad that sheds a tear over the demise of a relationship that was more bitter than sweet and gives some nice reassuring buzz of her return.

Though sounding dejected in song, JoJo vocally stands firm as she gives a wonderful performance with vocals that gleam at maturity and remain controlled even when the song reaches its zenith point of emotion. Though she's been artistically hindered for years, these troubling periods have brought out the silver lining that is JoJo's impeccable wise-beyond-her-years voice as she just keeps sounding much more refined with each and every new piece she wraps it around.

With this, my patience is still intact as I have zero qualms over JoJo's proper return to music, and with Diane Warren and MNEK on the roster of collaborators for her upcoming project  --- heaven seems to be closer than we all might think.

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