Audio: Keeping Up With K Stewart

Summer isn't even here yet and I'm already breaking a sweat, and while I would blame South Texas weather, it's really all due to K Stewart's euphoric new single. "Keeping You Up" is a serious --- and I mean serious --- jammy that is bustin' out at the seams with synths, plucky bass licks, and Miss Stewart's vivacious vox, as it gets its New Jill Swing thang on. Produced with precision by Shift K3y, K Stewart will have you catching feelings to a time when Mariah Carey was the jilted dreamlover on "Someday" and Whitney Houston was telling folk her name wasn't Susan. Yes, divas and dudes, this is a big league type of songstress anthem that needs to be played at high volumes to get the best effect.

Londonite K Stewart has been one of my fave new kids on the sound block for some time after hearing "Tell Me About It" and her heavenly House collaboration with TCTS last year. And while I'm wanting, waiting, and literally whining that she doesn't have a full-length out yet, my confidence remains high that she is on the come up, and that we need to get ready for it!

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