Audio: Lianne La Havas' 'Unstoppable' Call To Love

It's a little funny the random ass things you think about and predict in a haze of illness. While laid up with food poisoning over the weekend (don't ever take risks and eat buffet Chinese food like me...), Lianne La Havas oddly popped into my mind. I admit I haven't thought of her in a minute, and in a feverish spell I wondered out of nowhere: "Wouldn't it be lovely if she'd came back and kicked acoustic ass again?"  Like I said, it's insane the things you predict while ill, because here comes Lianne La Havas kicking that acoustic ass with a brand new single, aptly called, "Unstoppable".

Recent time with Prince (last year's Art Official Age) and Tourist ("Patterns") have lent Lianne La Havas to become less acoustically unplugged than what she exuded on her beautiful 2012 debut, Is Your Love Big Enough?, but a lot of her poetic charm is still latched onto "Unstoppable" as she vocally satellites around an astral background of strings and pianos courtesy of The Invisible, easing out a romantic vulnerability that is gorgeous all while remaining hopeful at the renewal of a past relationship. As La Havas holds her torch steady, she coos, "there's nothing left holding us down/it's gravitational/we are unstoppable" , it's hard not to get wooed by the lushness and her growth as a lyrical goddess.

"Unstoppable" is already a great look for La Havas' upcoming sophomore album, Blood (out July 31st), and once you pre-order the album over at iTunes you can scoop up the stunning new track in an instant.

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