Audio: Mariah Carey Sweetly Sings Some Shade Nick Cannon's Way On 'Infinity'

Mariah Carey is unfurling the glitter carpet for a new era as her upcoming Las Vegas residency, Mariah Carey #1's, is cuing up for its May 6th debut. Carey is also letting the cash cow moo for a bit as she re-packages and re-releases her 1998 #1's greatest hits compilation, re-titling it #1 To Infinity, just to avoid any confusion. Personally, I would've preferred another (better assembled) remix collection, but you know Mariah and her PR team --- they ain't listening to suggestions from peons like me. To lure Lambs and casual fans to the purchase (which drops May 18th), Carey has released a brand new single entitled, "Infinity" complete with one of those pointless lyrical videos.

Now, don't be fooled by the title, "Infinity" is not about everlasting love --- oh no on the contrary, dahhlings --- Carey is back to her classic 'dude, you ain't shit' lyrical shade a la "It's A Wrap" and "Clown", as she practices the art of truly letting go, lashing out a biting chorus that is drenched in her sticky and sweet honeyed tone: close the door/lose the key/leave my heart on the mat for me/I was yours eternally/there's an end to infinity. Going deeper into the verses, Carey has obviously dedicated "Infinity" to her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and she is not here for wishing that fool well, as she spills that Lipton all over the table and carpet, from calling him "corny like Fritos" to clapping back that everything he owns he still owes money on, capping it off with a "why you mad?" query.

Produced and co-written with Eric Hudson (whose father, Curtis Hudson was a former member of Pure Energy and wrote Madonna's classic, "Holiday"), "Infinity", musically is sadly nothing to write home about as it's churning out from the same assembly line of sound Carey has been coasting on since the Emancipation days. It's some synth strings here, skittish percussion there --- nothing grand. While, as a long-time Lamb, this is not too bothersome, I got spoiled off of the Q-Tip-heralded "Meteorite" from last year's grossly mishandled, Me. I Am Mariah., and was hoping for an aural upgrade. Wishful thinking once again....

Still, I'm glad to hear the elusive chanteuse is back to her ol' unapologetic shade throwing self, and hoping that her Las Vegas residency will get her back in good grace as these last few years have been quite rough for her professionally and personally.

Pop the bubbly and spill that tea for sweet, delectable revenge!

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