Audio: Samantha Urbani Runs An Electrifying '80s Numbers Game With '1234'

Back in 2013 I got rightly excited over a song called "The Way". At first glimmer it felt like I had stumbled upon a cutting room floor number from the Purple Rain soundtrack as it noshed down heavily on a stack of Prince's purple pancakes with its wailing guitars and airy percussion, but alas, I was fully delusional because the song came from an NYC outfit known as Friends.

Friends' lead vocalist and founder, Samantha Urbani has gone for the purplish pedigree again, stepping out solo with the debut groover, "1234". Tag-teaming with Blood Orange cohort, Dev Hynes (who provides the piano and horn arrangements), Urbani's latest is a nighttime downtown dwelling synth-funk piece that is making my '80s baby heart go all aflutter. Packed with on fleek drum programming, a sweet bongo-heavy middle eight, and a pop hook that is about as infectious and lavish as the classic hits harbored on Madonna's 1983 debut, "1234" will have you doing the "African Anteater Ritual" in a high school cafetorium in no time flat.

Trust me, this is the 'game blouses' of dance material...

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