Audio: Go Under With Billie Black

Not a blemish was to be found on Billie Black's debut EP, 0001000 as it stood head over shoulders amid the army of Britons doing deep house and R&B last year. Just a tight collection it was, guided by its smooth Jessie Ware-esque lead single, the excellent "I Don't Need Another Lover". Black, with her warm and sultry tone is going for another round, as her upcoming EP, Teach Me arrives May 25th.

In the interim, the EP's lead-off single "Going Under" is yet another accomplishment in her cache of nighttime reflections, as she dips back into the UK House that she dove into on her Mura Masa-produced single, "This Simple Pleasure". Starting off understated and intimate, "Going Under" changes emotion as a dark and entrancing ping-pong bounce swells and shoots out into its sparse spaces, sounding like kinfolk to the material Kiesza pumped out on Sound Of A Woman, just this time it's a little more lush as Miss Black keeps her tone even and opts out of going for the big diva-voice theatrics that a track like this would more than likely have.

Though it's cliché to say, this is one sublime number...

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