Audio: Icona Pop Declare A State Of 'Emergency'

Swedish duo Icona Pop come through with a festive pop remedy for those blazing summer days and I'm here for it. Though I haven't liked much of their output since the glorious "I Love It" ("you're from the '70s, but I'm a '90s bitch" is one of the best lines in a pop song, period), but their latest single, the jazzy Roaring '20s-inspired rag of "Emergency", has got me bewitched and pushin' my tush.

Seriously. I'm getting my Josephine Baker on with this cut...

Granted it's not the sloppy drunk and slurry rum n' Coke fest like "I Love It" was, but "Emergency" is a tighter, less neck-breaking EDM assault that charms as the duo bat eyelashes towards a big band sound, their diva prowess going full-tilt as the trumpets squeal and the piano strut right out of the Gatsby era. Fellow Swede, Erik Hassle joins in on the fun as he adds in the soulful ad-libs, making you feel as if you stomped your way into the wildest speakeasy in town.

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