Word Is Out: Janet Jackson To Return With New Music, New Tour & A New Movement

New music. New world tour. New movement. --- that is what Janet Jackson has promised when she dropped the bombshell awesome news via Twitter on the eve of her 49th birthday that yes, yes, YAASSS she IS returning to bless us with her supreme presence and queenly sounds. And here we all thought that once she got married to an billionaire she was going to be all June Cleaver domesticated and through with us lowly subjects. Pfft! Mama Jan Jan (that's the pet name I call her by for future reference) knows how much we have been feening for some new joints and her dazzling showcases, and she has kept an eye on us and lent an ear to our chants and prayers, and is coming through to close the agonizing seven-year gap since 2008's Discipline.

*throws glitter in all directions*

Labeled "My Conversation", and playing like one of the soothing interludes on her albums complete with rain sound effects (!) and her whisper soft and steady tone, the announcement drips like melting butter off a brioche as it relays the good news:

So serious. So calming. So sooooothing. Like buttaaaa....

Rumors and knee-jerk speculations about Jackson's return have been circulating around for some time, sparked first by an uncredited photo taken of a list of album releases from Atlantic Records via music retailer F.Y.E., with July 7th marked as a expected release date. A rep for Jackson later shattered hopes and dreams by denying the image and the release date. Following days later, a tour date for a stop in Phoenix, Arizona then popped up on Spotify, later to be erased. Just a month ago, I came upon an odd promo, and this prompted some squirms, but once again dreams were dashed and emotions being gloriously trolled.

Your fearless Audio Diva continued to do some investigating of her own, learning that even more strange things were afoot when Jackson's long-time producer and writing co-hort, Jimmy Jam began dropping some cryptic tweets with the #ConversationsInACafe as the closing response. Janet Jackson's official webspot even toyed with our emotions by posing the question: "Is Janet Jackson Readying a Modern Day Rhythm Nation?", and sprinkling the #ConversationsInACafe tag laboriously throughout the post. According to the subject matter of a few of the tweets on Jackson's Twitter timeline the upcoming album is rumored to deal with social and political matters.

Call me crazy, but with Rhythm Nation celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, Jimmy Jam's mysterious tweet about Jackson's possible return, could her new project be an updated response to the current brew of social and political unrest? Good gravy on a biscuit...that would be all kinds of amazing if she in fact updated Rhythm Nation for a whole new generation, in turn, crafting a wonderful tribute "sequel" to one of her finest musical hours with the producing magic of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back at the helm. But this is just me riffing off the cuff and putting horses before carts. I'm just a fan who loves a juicy conspiracy, not an insider on what Mama Jan Jan has got planned. Still it's something to ponder, don'tcha think?

At post time, details are scant on what #ConversationsInACafe is all about (is it the album title? Is this the movement's name? Is this the name of Mama Jan Jan's traveling cooking show that should be happening on Food Network right now?) and when, and if, a new single will drop. For now we wait with bated breath to what is to come as Janet Jackson has got interests piqued and is leaving her fans turnt and hyperventilating. As the Queen of Tease, this is to be expected, especially since she added to her wealth of surprises last night by joining Instagram, and will no doubt update her other social media spaces when the time comes --- because she's Mrs. Wissam Al Mana if you nasty and she does what she wants when she wants.

Come through, Dunk, come through.
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