Audio: Janet Jackson Is Restless & Ready To Return With 'No Sleeep'

Ever since Janet Jackson announced that she was going to grace us with her holy presence this year, there has been some high expectancy over her return as well as tons of tossed opinions over how her comeback single was going to sound. A fortune teller I am not, but I do know one thing about Janet --- to pinpoint her next move is often always a fool's exercise. Janet has always been one artist whose mystique is part of the listening pleasure as surprises tend to fall heavily from her sleeve. Even though I often have ideas of what she should concoct, I always end up being pleasantly surprised with whatever beat she decides to drop.

Cue now...

"No Sleeep" is the perfect comeback single for Janet. It truly is. As she reunites with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the trio doesn't attempt to ride on what is relevant on the radio (thank god), instead they dip back into the intimate slow burns of Janet's past catalog, waffling between the wispy come-hither tones of "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)", "Feels So Right", select tracks on Damita Jo, and the rainy latter end of 1993's janet., tweaking the formula just slightly in order for Janet to slip into 2015 with the greatest of ease. Dedicated to her husband, Wissam Al Mana, "No Sleeep" lyrically purrs right, as Janet is yearning for some exclusive one-on-one time with her bae, noting that when the time is ripe for reuniting, she will be the 'queen of insomnia', as slumber will be the last thing on her mind.

It'll be interesting to see if "No Sleeep" will hypnotize and rearrange the top 40, but knowing its fickleness and how hard it is for the pop industry to accept women of a certain age when they are discussing 'grown folk sexy time', it's best if we go with the flow and just lounge in the sensual ease of Mama Jan Jan's lovely return, and be on lookout for the obvious track reworkings, which are probably being mixed and re-fixed right now and posted on SoundCloud as I type this.

With a new tune, new labelnew dancers, and an 'unbreakable' tour schedule, The Year Of Janet has definitely arrived. So don't close your eyes, keep them open wide, stay completely woke because this is just the beginning....

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