Audio + Video: What You Don't Do, Lianne La Havas Does For Love

It's may be a premature notion, but "Unstoppable" will be placed somewhere at the top of my list of 2015's best songs. Yet with Lianne La Havas' second act, Blood, in the pipeline for next month, the track may have some steep competition as the London chanteuse continues to flourish with her latest release, "What You Don't Do".

Perfectly timed for summer soaking, "What You Don't Do" allows La Havas' velveteen vocals to glide across a restructured doo-wop format, it trimmed with bursts of brass and jumpy ivories for a nice sonic touch. Though the title suggests that La Havas is being critical, the singer is truly all about the love, as she flips the negative into a positive reflection, showing how the little unspoken things her beau does keeps the relationship spontaneous, as well as cements its fidelity. It may sound a little strange, but we all know that love just sometimes is.

As the visual for "Unstoppable" was all about La Havas' glorious mane, this particular visual is all about giving good face, and the Leila & Damien de Blinkk-directed video focuses heavily on La Havas' visage and her eclectic style of dressing, washing it in various colorful lights and filters for a stylish effect. Though usually videos of this accord can teeter on being a little boring, Lianne La Havas is having such a ball with the whole thing that you'll find a similar warm grin spread across your face by the time it wraps up.

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