Audio: Jess Glynne Preaches Nuthin' But The Truth On 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself'

Most writers will tell you that self-doubt is one of our biggest obstacles outside of editing and writer's block. Trying to combat it everyday is something we don't wish upon anyone, as it is such a block to our creative flow. You just don't know how much...strength it takes for me to write in this space, not because it's difficult or I loathe it, but because a little voice (that oddly sounds like that Isaac kid from Children Of The Corn) tries to tell me daily that I ain't shit, making it difficult for me to place words into sentences sometimes.

As I'm the literal Queen of Being Hard On Myself, I tend to need a little pep talk every now and then to get me back on track, and at current Jess Glynne's latest single is hitting the spot, as she preaches nuthin' but the truth on it.

Keeping in the same jubilant step as her monster singles, "Right Here" and Clean Bandit features, "Real Love" and "Rather Be", "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" is positive motivational speak for all the broken hearts and spirits out there as it pulses on pounding house-styled pianos and Glynne's gusty growl of a voice, lacing out some great unvarnished lyricals:
Let's go back to simplicity/ I feel like I've been missing me / Was not who I'm supposed to be / I felt this darkness over me / We all get there eventually / I never knew where I belonged / But I was right and you were wrong / Been telling myself all along / Don't be so hard on yourself, no / Learn to forgive, learn to let go / Everyone trips, everyone falls / So don't be so hard on yourself, no
Truth. Facts. Reality.

We'll have to wait till August 21st when Glynne's debut, I Cry When I Laugh arrives with "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself"on the roster, but for now, take a little time to give yourself a pat on the back while you crank up yet another mint gem from Britain's hottest export.

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