Audio: Santigold Cranks Up Her 'Radio'

While I would rarely entertain a song that is lifted off of the soundtrack of yet another one of John Green's YA manic pixie dream girl fantasy movies, it's Santigold, and I miss her, and well, here we are.

Ever since the "o" was legally extracted from her name, Santigold's career has been marking time at best with her last album, 2012's Master Of My Make-Believe, refusing to stick to anybody's conscious ("Disparate Youth" and "The Keepers" were so slept on...), and appearances on movie and television soundtrack tie-ins for Girls and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire barely courting spark. Then again, she's been busy rearing a little crumbsnatcher cutie lately, so maybe we should cut her some slack?

Still Santigold is coasting on the brilliance of her eponymous 2008 debut, hence why she's gracing another soundtrack tie-in as she contributes "Radio" to the Paper Towns collective. Due for release on July 10th (with the film's release on July 23rd for all you John Green enthusiasts), "Radio" feels like a Santigold song --- or a Santigold song from several years ago --- as it's wholly reminiscent of her signature spitfire flow and ska-flecked, highly percussive alt-rock pop sound. From first spin, it is somewhat telling that time has finally caught up to Santigold's once distinctive sound as "Radio" could've easily slipped into the tracklisting of her debut, but hearing it now, Santigold just sounds and blends in like everybody else considering she has consistently been an exception to the norm.

Then again maybe Santigold is saving all her cool experimental stuff for the follow-up to Master Of My Make-Believe, as there is some small news that she's working on a new long player for next year.

Still rooting for ya, Miss Santi White!

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