Audio: Anushka Kick Back & Listen To 'Kendrick' On The Radio

With the right mix of feathered jazz and underground house beats, Anushka's "Kendrick" is that perfect sun splash of audio radiance that is the coda to the summer season. Kid you not. Just listen as Victoria Port's voice flutters and flits, scatting so sweet, and the nice swerve of pace that is Max Wheeler's kinetic and spiky House production. Deeeeeeelightful.

Playing as an ode to hip-hop's current big man on campus, "Kendrick" comes as an enticement towards a possible new project from the Brighton duo, and a quick come up too as they've already got plenty on the platter as after the rave reviews from their official debut, Broken Circuit last year, they followed it up nicely with their EP, Distorted Air, both collections featuring such sonically woven treats as "Never Can Decide" and "World In A Room". Not missing a beat, "Kendrick" is where the twosome loosen up and lounge out, making it their best effort yet.

Visions of the summer '15 may be dissipating into misty water-colored memories soon, but they can be bottled and recalled forever thanks to just one simple press of play...

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