Audio: Experience 'LOTF (Love On The Floor)' With BOSCO

Many moons ago (2009 to be exact) when I was getting my feet soaking wet into music blogging and testing new aural waters, an EP entitled, Spectrum 2.0, by Savannah, GA native Brittany Bosco graced my presence. Its aesthetic leaned into a languid blue smoky jazz vibe that was jolted with caffeinated samples, indie rock interest, and soulful charms --- a winner in the shortest of descriptions.

But homo sapiens are prone to evolve, and Brittany Bosco sure as heck did as in recent years she dropped her first name, capitalized her last and began dropping little works of expansive abstract art, that felt familiar, but still hung left of center in the R&B pocket. Via online literature BOSCO is getting some comparisons to the usual suspects --- Rihanna, Tinashe, and both Knowles sisters --- as her "first proper EP", BOY features the sort of inky, ambient drawl that R&B starlets are made of these days. To me, BOSCO was already on this trek long before, and everybody has just caught up now. Though BOSCO sounds more polished and assured on BOY, with "Gold Ghost" and the Jace of Two-9 assisted title track being clear winners, but I'd be lying if I didn't miss the Spectrum era Brittany just a smidgen. I don't know. She just didn't sound like everybody else back then, unlike now....

It's probably while I took to BOSCO's latest, "LOTF ("Love On The Floor") immediately, over any of the tracks on the BOY EP, as this sounds like the BOSCO I remember from '09. Okay, yes, I'm a sucker for grooving bass licks, and the HERO-produced slice is crystalline chilled out funk-disco for the head-bobbing set. And *sigh* it gives off a lush Janet Jackson vibe-o-la that is really hard to bypass, but it enables BOSCO to utilize the sultry crisp vox that she has for something that isn't so moody and down-beat, and that's always a plus.

"LOTF (Love On The Floor)" seems like just a one-off for now, but I'm glad I got a chance to re-introduce myself to (Brittany)BOSCO, because it's been a long time since I'd stepped to her dope beat...
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