Audio: JoJo & Her 'Tringle' Of Singles

Earlier this month, JoJo announced that she was releasing a "tringle" of singles, entering a new (funny) piece of lingo into the lexicon, and christening her proper return to the fold after being in recording contract purgatory for several years. This coming after she made a smart move back in April to sign with Atlantic Records, clock in studio time with Pharrell Williams, MNEK, and Diane Warren for her long-awaited third release, even dropping a one-off single, "Far From Heaven" into the goody bag of optimism.

The treats keep on coming as JoJo decided to release her packaged "tringle" a day early via her website because well, we've been patient long enough, right?

From first preview, I'm still a wee bit grumpy that JoJo decides to use her voice for the greater good of radio savvy pop/R&B, rather than the more subdued and melodic soul that she's highly capable of doing (yes, almost seven years later I cannot let this song go...), but "Say Love", "When Love Hurts" and "Save My Soul" are all viable bangers that highlight JoJo's powerhouse vox to its greatest potential, so very few complaints I have.

JoJo always flourishes when she's either at the edge of heartbreak or belting out a ballad and the Harmony Samuels-produced "Say Love" is all about the hearts breaking and lots of good-old fashion diva belting. She gets in several eyebrow-raising vocal runs, and while a lot of us were privy to her vocal talent since she was a 13-year-old tween, the years have made her voice even more robust and a cut above all other wannabe power pop princesses. In TL;DR terms: She sings her ass off on this.

Bringing the tempo up, "When Love Hurts" is what I like to hear more from JoJo, as she gets to coast on a bouncing little bed of EDM-meets-house beats provided by Benny Blanco and Jason Evigan. If it gets single shine, this could contend nicely with the work Jess Glynne and Ella Eyre have put forward.

It's rise-and-fall structure may have the makings of an '80s power ballad, but "Save My Soul" easily has the feel of a dozen or so glistening pop ballad on the radio today. Yet, cradled in JoJo's tone, the quality of this song is in high contrast, as her voice doesn't compete with rumble of pianos and percussion, but rather run parallel, pushing through. JoJo is one of the few singers that knows when to hold back, and when to plow full speed ahead without trampling you over, and "Save My Soul" is a prime example of that skilled balance she has.

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