Audio + Video: With Maylee Todd You'll Never Be 'Lonely' Again

For a song that deals with eating breakfast alone, wanting warm embraces, and heck, being titled one of the saddest words in the English language, "Lonely" sure is an upbeat track --- but that's Maylee Todd for ya. A glittering chip off of the ol' mirrorball it is as a gleams and pulsates on heavy-duty house beats, only Maylee's breathy coos sound a little despondent, melancholic and down-right depressed. Even the video is a joyful noise of kaleidoscopic colors and dances....

"Lonely" is yet another leap out of the box for the Canadian singer/songwriter/eclectic visionist who has often forgone the turn signal and cruised unexpectedly into various sonic lanes. Last I heard from her was on the soulfully inclined, Escapology in 2013, and before that, my very first introduction of Miss Maylee was on 2010's Choose Your Own Adventure, a zany collection of eclectic pop and R&B tracks, that felt at times if you mixed a Blaxplotation film soundtrack with sound effects from a sci-fi B-movie. A sound chameleon goddess is what she is.

"Lonely" and the Little Dragon-esque, "Poetry (Of Intuition)" are her turning the signal into lounging minimalist house, where hypnotic dance beats juxtaposed with silky soft vocals rule. Both tracks are combined on a small EP that may/or may not be an inkling to an extended project. After engaging (and recalling how amazing her Sesame Street "Pinball Countdown" cover was), I hope this won't be the last dope beat I'll have to step too from Maylee Todd, because I need some of her sonic weirdness to get me through 2016. Crossing fingers and toes.

+ Lonely / Poetry (Of Intuition) EP can be streamed via Souncloud and purchased via Bandcamp 
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