Cover Smother: Chaka Khan Rocks, Reels & Soars On Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'

It's not difficult to understand why Chaka Khan has been nominated for a spot in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Whether you're looking at her tenure with 1970s funk outfit Rufus or her solo output, Khan has racked up an abundance of hits, sold over millions of records, and snatched up dozens of awards and accolades, she is every woman --- and then some.

For those who still don't believe that Madame Khan is deserving of rock n' roll recognition may need to listen to her discography a little bit closer (any Rufus album will do as well as 1980's Naughty and 1986's Destiny solo efforts for starters...) and then turn their attention to this gem of a Jimi Hendrix cover.

Unearthed by OkayPlayer, Khan's never-before-heard take on Hendrix's "Little Wing" is an electric stunner, featuring the Queen of Funk's signature high-pitched wails and the exceptional guitar work of Eric Gales. "Little Wing" also has Khan re-teaming with producer Ira Shickman, whom worked with Khan on 2004's ClassiKhan, and their collaboration has all the urgency and impromptu fire of an extended jam session where Khan channels the raw edge of the Left-Handed Genius to perfection.

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