New In Town: JONES

I wasn't bought and sold on JONES until I heard "Hoops".

Who doesn't like a song that is about love that isn't reciprocated? I'm a sucker for those woe-be-gone crumpled valentines, and this one co-produced by new hip kids XO and Josh Record, really captures the longing of unrequited love matching nice with JONES light n' airy tone that bounces bitter and sweet as it swishes clean and precise inside the net (yes, I couldn't help with the b-ball analogies...)

I became acquainted with the London-based vocalist when "Deep" premiered last year, and though I enjoyed the fizzed groove it had, it felt familiar to I had heard it's tempo, it's structure before. Don't mind me, because JONES is a more than capable and emotive singer and all of it is well displayed on her short player, Indulge, which features other treats like the crunchy remix of its title track and "You", another excellent example of how JONES succeeds at lacing her sugar sweet soulful tone among the machinery of clanging instrumentation.

After investigating online, I didn't gather much information about JONES herself, but then again I always love living life with a bit of intrigue. Maybe more of JONES will be uncovered when she exposes her debut, New Skin, next year? Time will tell.


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