Video: Spend 27 Minutes In Live Session Heaven With Emily King

Number uno reason why I don't get to see concerts often is that I'm broke as a joke. The other reason is because well, when you live in a city that rarely caters to your indie music whims you can get left out in the brisk, unfeeling cold. Bless Emily King for thinking of the 'little broke and location challenged people' as she's found a way to bring her concert experience to you --- and you don't even have to purchase a ticket. Sweet!

After wrapping up her recent tour, King and her band stopped by the Audiotree studios to record a live session that is pretty much 27-minutes in heaven. Yep, it's a divine intervention of King covering the highlights off of her brilliant, The Switch collection (as well as the loosey-track, "Wishing Well"), which include my personal favorites like "Sleepwalker", "Animals", and the lovely, "Distance".

For an added bonus, King takes a couple of breathers between takes to discuss her music, her wardrobe, and her favorite movies --- all kinds of good tea spillage that makes me want to BFF King right now.

If you plans for the next 27 minutes, whoops, too bad, so sad, because your undivided attention is needed right here 

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