Audio: Sia Is Prepared To Fight For Love With 'One Million Bullets'

Excuse me while I push my hipster glasses up on my hipster nose, so I can say in a haughty hipster tone that I knew about Sia before all this "Chandelier" business transpired, and that before all of that, she made much much much better music.

Yes, I'll be that person. 

Sia and me weren't exactly on the same page when she released 1000 Forms Of Fear last year. Of course I was happy she had finally hit a mainstream nerve and that she was exposed as the mind behind a lot of popular pop hits by Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry, but all the effortlessness and quirk that drew me towards Sia during my collegiate years seemed somewhat absent. The album just didn't click with me like I desperately wanted it to. Musically, Sia and her poignant words were lost in a sauce of monotonous Rihanna-esque material --- this no doubt a hazard of her bills-paying gig --- but the whole uninspired set just turned me off. I don't know, maybe I'm broken, but I missed the Sia who made moody think pieces ("Sweet Potato", "I Go To Sleep") and expunged dry humor ("The Girl You Lost To Cocaine", "Academia") with a little more pep in her step. 

Maybe Sia can reel me back into fan-ship with This Is Acting, her upcoming seventh set that arrives on January 29th. I'm already kinda in like with this latest number "One Million Bullets". It's a big, expressive down-tempo that builds slow and then soars once the chorus surges in --- this a technique that's becoming her forte now --- but it doesn't sound so dreary as the others and has a neat little glitching vocal effect for some flourish. This Is Acting's previously singles "Alive" and "Bird Set Free" were written with Adele in mind (and they sound like Adele if you squint...), but "One Million Bullets" has a little bit of that old 'Colour The Small One Sia' stitched in there, so we're getting somewhere...

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