Liner Notes: JoJo Gives The Gift Of The Sequel With '#LOVEJO2'

Sequels are often to be proceeded with caution. For all the times some things don't need to be doubled or tripled (the Halloween franchise, bed bugs, the Kardashians-Jenners...), in some cases the second time around can actually be sweeter.

Before we closed the curtain on 2014, JoJo dropped #LOVEJO, a brief, but crackling collection of covers (her cover of Anita Baker's "Caught Up In The Rapture" was down-right lovely) and new tracks, a nice little tide-over to remind us that JoJo hadn't let all her legal troubles get to her and that she is one of the best in the vocal game. Flash to a year later and 2015 has been a little kinder to the vivacious vocalist, as she not only dropped her 'tringle' collection this past summer to widespread-acclaim, but her recent signage to Atlantic Records has her looking towards the new year with promise as her long awaited third LP is soon to make its appearance in 2016. So to celebrate a full calendar year of good cheer, and to thank all of her fans for keepin' the faith and the support, JoJo has gifted us with #LOVEJO2, a fierce 'four-kel' (sorry, couldn't help myself...) of tracks that are parts borrowed, and parts anew.

If JoJo sitting atop a disco ball wasn't clue enough, #LOVEJO2 differs from it's first installment by being a bit on the uptempo, vibrant side. Things kick off gloriously with the candy-coated R&B newness of "Right On Time" which interpolates Donna Lewis' 1996 perky pop  hit, "I Love You Always Forever" to great effect. Her 'tringle' track, "When Love Hurts" gets refurbished as a gritty, slow wine, Mary J. Blige's iconic chorus of "Real Love" threading through nicely. Still the real show-stopper (aside from the electric guitar breakdown on closer, "Thinkin' Out Loud") is JoJo reworking Soul II Soul's 1989 classic, "Back To Life" into a kinetic house dub frenzy that upon first listen had me in a state of euphoria --- it's truly a great rework.

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