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There isn't a trace of irony that one of a l l i e's songs on her Moonlust EP is called "Tundra". From first listen, the Canadian songstress and scribe is as invigorating and brisk as a wintry day, her sound evoking pleasurable coolness that will have you embracing it instead of reaching for yet another infinity scarf.

Uncool I feel for not knowing about a l l i e till now, this considering I'm usually pretty good at keeping tabs on new artists (I think I'm getting old you guys...) and I should know more than anybody that she has been releasing music for awhile, but here I am waving the late pass, preparing to play catch-up. I actually picked a good time to be introduced to a l l i e as her Moonlust EP not only possesses a great name (new Tumblr handle anyone?) but also possess a great vibe primed for proper introductions.

Four tracks the EP is, but I've always said that it's not the quantity but the quality that matters, and Moonlust is filled to the brim with such atmospheric Afro-future electronica and soul that you don't notice time dissipating, especially once you hit that replay button (which you will a lot). Wholly thematic it is thanks to the production work of Elaquent, Nick Wisdom, and Da-P, all whom know how to coil a l l i e's vocals around such abstract sounds. Adding to the cool factor is a l l i e's meditative and profound lyricals which cover the usual topics of love, lost, intimacy, and self-discovery, but coming from a l l i e's pen these topics are traveling through new territory, envisioned in new light. Explaining to Complex, a l l i e described the album being derived during one year of her life, "one phase of her evolution": "It's about being drawn to the intangible, and being in love with something that you can't quite touch."

As for my take, the cosmic cool down of "Tundra" is of course a highlight with its spastic synths and hip-hop inspired beats, but "Yemi's Song" and "Remedy" has her in cool soul sista company with the early days of Jill Scott and Amel Larrieux, giving plenty of reason why we need to hear more of her refreshingly brisk sound as we plunge into 2016.

a l l i e 
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