Audio: AlunaGeorge Take 'Control'

Has it really been three years since AlunaGeorge released Body Music? Lordy. Funny how the time flies, am I right? Well, fly no more as the duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid are back to pulling more electro-R&B tricks out of their sleeves on their upcoming sophomore record, I Remember, out sometime in the Spring.

To kick off the project, single "I'm In Control" makes its grand entrance with churning waves of synths, dancehall sensibility, and a guest spot from Jamie xx collaborator, Popcaan. In a way, "I'm In Control" vibes like a Rock Steady-era No Doubt track, especially one that feels lifted from the cutting room floor. No, that's not an insult, au contraire (cause Rock Steady was/is/forever will be dope), more like a simple eyebrow raise to the direction taken here. It's not bad, just not 'wowing' me at the moment. Maybe I'm just not in the mood, but I kind of expected something better from a group who put '90s music into a blender, set it to liquefy and came up with engaging and distinct tracks like "Your Drums, Your Love" and "You Know You Like It" --- but that's just moi.

Billboard recently offered up a cool interview with the duo where they divulge a few hints about their upcoming album (Flume and Zhu are name dropped as producers) and get on the defense about not wanting to be labeled 'one hit wonders' after their surprise rise to the #13 slot with the DJ Snake trappy re-fix of "You Know You Like It".
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