Audio: Get A Taste Of Katy B's 'Honey'

Honey must be the 'it' sweetener for 2016 because here comes Katy B waxing an ode to its um, alternative meaning. You know, more Mariah, less Honey Bear, if you can catch my drift before it goes down the gutter... *coughs* Mixing house and R&B qualities courtesy of KAYTRANADA, "Honey" has Katy B caught up in supreme sensual bliss, and its quite the statement piece to ground her upcoming third album with.

Yep, Miss B is following up 2014's Little Red, with Honey, a project that was hinted last year by way of "Calm Down", her bouncy dance collaboration with Four Tet and Floating Points. From the looks of Honey's tracklist, Four Tet and Floating Points won't be sole guests, as it appears that the flamed-haired Brit didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings as she has invited almost everybody and their mama to be on it. Okay, well, not everybody, but the roster of guest stars is a little longish as it is interesting as names like Major Lazer, Geenus, Stacy Keable, Craig David (now that's a name you don't hear much of anymore!), Chris Lorenzo, and Mr. Mitch are just a few of notable names to be featured --- and what a cast it is!

Usually I scrunch my nose up when there are 'too many chefs in the kitchen', but I'm curious about how Miss B and crew will work it out when the project comes to light April 29th.
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