Audio: Jamila Woods Fights For Respect, Identity & Freedom As A 'Blk Girl Soldier'

After hearing Jamila Woods' "Blk Girl Soldier", it took me less than two seconds after the fade out to raise my hand and wildly proclaim like a hammy Jennifer Lawrence that I volunteer as tribute. Moved, excited, and inspired I was.

Waving her wand to conduct some serious #BlackGirlMagic, Woods is in praise of the sistahood on "Blk Girl Soldier", notating the beautiful struggle of what it means to be young, gifted, and a Black female in today's 21st Century cyclone. An anthem is what "Blk Girl Soldier" is as it marches on an electric rock-soul grind, bringing up microagressions, catchphrases, and historical freedom fighters like Angela Davis and Audre Lorde that are known among the sistasphere. Chills I got from first listen, and they are multiplying with every repeated play...

I knew about Woods from her being one half of the Chicago-based duo, M&O (fka Milo & Otis) and from her sweet guest spot on Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's Sunday Candy, but I didn't know she had a solo gig on the side (as well as a kick-ass writing blog), so consider me impressed and eager for more. Oh, and more is to come as this Jus Cuz-produced cut is not some one-off rallying cry as Woods is planning to drop an entire project that will be crowned and kissed with even more black womanisms. Hell yasss!

Since diversity (and the lack thereof) continues to be a hot button issue for some, and an unceasing life pursuit for others, we need more uplifting protest tracks like "Blk Girl Soldier" that keep the conversation going. Just thankful I am that for all the shop talk that abounds Woods isn't choosing her words carefully as she recognizes the issues that Black women as a collective continue to face, and is expressing it in the boldest, and best way she knows how.

If there is any army that I'd want to belong to, it's definitely one that Woods is leading.
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