Audio + Video: 'Chasing Shadows' With Santigold

Though 99¢ has had its release date pushed back to February 26th, what is punctual is Santigold's new single, "Chasing Shadows", a Rostam Batmanglij uptempo that truly washes the bad taste of "Who Be Lovin' Me" out of one's mouth and gets things back on track (yes, that single was terrrible, terrrible with raisins in it).

Santigold premiered the track on BBC Radio 1 yesterday and elaborated on the inspiration for the track, which follows through on Santigold's stalwart mantra of artistically thwarting the status quo:
Caught in the web we spin around ourselves, a mixture of hubris and the guise of perfection, we fear being swallowed up by our own ambition. Never in the moment, as quickly as we reach our goals, our gaze shifts to those still looming in the distance. We judge ourselves harshly for not being further on the path and revel in the anxiety of racing the rate of consumption. The lyrics weigh the value of going against the current to maintain artistic integrity, and the feelings of isolation and vacancy bred by a persona that is always "on" and ready for show.

No need for further analysis, right?

Oh, and "Chasing Shadows" also has gotten the video treatment with a pensive, but fashionably engaging video (love the pantsuits, Santi) from director Elliot Lester, that feels in the same desperate housewife spirit of Roisin Murphy's "You Know Me Better" and Eurythmics' "Beethoven (I Loved To Listen To)". It premiered via Tidal, because apparently that is still a thing...
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