Cover Smother: Jones Digs 'Deep'

I was expecting the Bee Gees, maybe even a little New Jack throwback to Keith Sweat, but no, Jones isn't swimming in my stream of thought. Then again, maybe I am getting a little up in years after all?

Jones instead tackles "How Deep Is Your Love" the Calvin Harris way, and does a wonderful job reinterpreting the hip EDM thumper into a steamy acoustic lullaby that feels right in tune with her nighttime melancholia. The reason for this alteration? Jones seems to be prepping an acoustic EP, after already extracting some bass from her previous singles, like her breakout hit, "Deep", and gaining a good response from the experiment.

A bold move for a newbie on the rise, but she's got the chops for it, as this version isn't fussy in the slightest, but is still effective and alluring on all fronts.
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