Cover Smother: Marina and The True Colors

Perfect sense it is for Marina and the Diamonds to cover Cyndi Lauper. Just perfect. I have often thought that Marina embodied the same tongue-n-cheek humor as well as the penchant for technicolor pop-ism as Miss Lauper, but I think I'm more surprised by Marina's song choice, considering that I figured that if Marina was ever going to cover Lauper she'd follow in the vein of "She Bop" or even "Change Of Heart". Then again, I should give credit to Marina for being more daring as her giving shine towards Lauper's 1986 hit single, "True Colors" is also a perfect and elegant fit.

Marina has been tapping into her softer side since the release of the gorgeous FROOT last year (which was one of my faves for 2015!) and the 30-year-old single (!) is a similar quiet affair as Marina makes the artistic choice to wrap her voice around a gorgeous piano arrangement, and nothing more. "True Colors" was initially meant for a re-release of FROOT which at post time seems to have been scrapped (*tear*), but Marina decided to just release the track for the hell of it. Glad she did, because this version truly is beautiful like a rainbow and a great affirmation to kick the new year off with.

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