Mixtape Friday: Bowie Girl

David Bowie fans, circa 1973
2016 hasn't started off with the warmest of welcomes as we've lost yet another legend: the ethereal rock n' roll chameleon, David Bowie.

This is but a mere collection of notable tribute pieces and reflections that I have come across this week that struck a chord with me as well as articulated the words I wanted to say about this great musical legend, but failed to fit sentences together on. Maybe one day I will find the words, but for now, I'm letting others have their say. These may not be the most essential pieces to have honored the Thin White Duke, but they are still wholly appropriate, entertaining, enlightening, and touching all the same.

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Side A

+ NPR's Ann Powers reflects on being a 'Bowie Girl' and the impact of Bowie's music as she came of age.

+ Bowie was truly a brother from another planet, as his confronting MTV in 1983 about their blatant racism is one for the history books as is the myriad of ways he challenged race and rigid social structures in his art.

+ Nile Rodgers coins Bowie 'the Picasso of Rock n' Roll' and reflects wonderfully on how Bowie aided him on the comeback track after Disco's demise.

+ Bowie and his wife, the fabulous Iman will forever be #RelationshipGoals.

"Removing David Bowie from the last half-century of pop would result in its edges being less pointed, its colors being less vibrant, its playfulness being reined in sharply; talking about how Bowie influenced it is like talking about how oxygen affects the breathing process" --- So writes Maura Johnston about Bowie's everlasting influence on pop music.

+ Let's not forget how much of a visual artiste and music video pioneer Bowie was, long before MTV was even a thing.

Side B

+ Space Oddities and Starmen and women, Pitchfork's detailed analysis of Bowie's love and embodiment of sci-fi and its culture not only explains how he reinterpreted and experimented with the genre in his art, but also provides insight on the books and films that influenced his early work.

+ It's a miracle the planet didn't explode the day Bowie and Nina Simone met and exchanged phone calls with each other. A damn miracle.

+ Fashion! Turn to the left! Fashion! Turn to the right! The ever-evolving style and gender bending of David Bowie, ladies and gents.

+ The Goblin King. Andy Warhol. The Man Who Fell To Earth. These are just a few of the eclectic and wonderfully weird roles Bowie played on the silver screen.

+ It's a toss up, but Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield and AllMusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine both provide the most in-depth and most insightful tribute pieces about Bowie and his legacy as a rock legend that I've read this week.
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