New In Town: Cat Delphi

Singing was surprisingly not the direction Cat Delphi wanted to go in. As a classically-trained pianist, this Londonite was content just tinkling on the ivories, but a shift in ideal led her to work on her vocals and blend her classical teachings with her fondness for the lusher sides of R&B and pop.

She made a wise choice, as her debut single, "Fire" is propelled by her peerless vocal phrasing making for one scorcher of a downtempo. On its own, "Fire" is an involving piano ballad, confident and charming, but not lightweight by any means. And unless your name starts with an "A" and ends with "dele", it's the type of ballad that doesn't get made much these days, especially from a fresh new face. "Fire" still isn't a bit of beginner's luck as Delphi has made a steady climb towards the poetic rush of "Fire" with her previous stabs at transforming notable songs from the catalogs of Jeff Buckley, Lorde, and Daft Punk. Her cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" is especially something unexpected as she turns the yacht-disco-ifed funk of the original on its head and cools it down into a soulful piano slow jam (sounding oddly like something John Legend would do if prompted). Yep, Delphi surely turns it into a completely different story.

"Fire" is intended as the first installment from her upcoming EP, and what a blazing spark of things to come...

Cat Delphi 
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