New In Town: Kenzie May

i-D Magazine couldn't have been more accurate when they noted that the arrival of Kenzie May's latest single, "Honey" was 'a sweet sign of things to come in 2016'. The song is a delectable and sticky soul stirrer that is a complete turnabout of your regular R&B number. Bitter meets sweet at a crossroads on "Honey" as Kenzie May finds herself not only reveling in a rapturous romance, but also trying her hardest to say goodbye to it, not wanting to hang onto it for another second.

With neat turns of phrases and a silk wrapped vocal tone, this singer and songwriter is tapping into a refined line of R&B, one that goes beyond simple semantics --- it's rhythm with the know-how, blues with the sentiment. Born in Boston, and raised in London, Kenzie came on the scene with her 2013 debut single, "Hide & Seek", a crackling R&B and pop mood piece that while better than your average electro-R&B number had a distinct feeling as if AlunaGeorge and Santigold got into one of the most glorious traffic jams ever.

Kenzie truly came to shine as an individual when her debut EP, Skeleton Key emerged in 2014. Of the highlights, the title track is what bears repeated listens as it's a sensual healing of the feminist order, where Kenzie clearly is giving full permission when it comes to gettin' busy with her lover, while also nicely distinguishing the differences between what is "love" and what is just "sex".

Like I said, Kenzie is not your typical R&B starlet. Less about shocking the crowd, and more about hooking onto human emotion, Kenzie May's got her something, and yes, it is something sweet to savor.

Kenzie May 

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